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Riceland Celebrates 10 Years of Serving Community


By Gloria Way

    Winnie area residents have long come to rely on the Winnie Community Hospital to assist in the medical needs of the community. In 2014, the hospital was on the verge of bankruptcy. A group out of Beaumont, Riceland Healthcare System, purchased the hospital and has strived ever since to provide quality healthcare services to the community.

  Riceland Healthcare System is celebrating 10 years of service to Winnie and the surrounding area. The hospital, now known as Riceland Medical Center, is proud to provide a cadre of services that include an inpatient care unit, swing bed program where patients can regain strength before they go home from a hospital stay, and pediatrics. The medical center has expanded its services to include a cardiologist, endocrinologist, and pain management specialists. You can also get your blood and lab work done at Riceland Medical Center and they will send the results to your primary care provider. With a grant provided by the Winnie Stowell Hospital District (WSHD), the center was able to purchase x-ray equipment and a CT Scan. Also, with the assistance of a grant from WSHD, Riceland Medical Center has been able to update and upgrade the emergency room and patient care areas.

  Riceland Medical Center proved its need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The clinic had over 700 people in one day that were vaccinated on site. Over 50,000 vaccines were given. The clinic also had “drive thru” COVID testing in the parking lot so you would not have to get out of the car to be tested. And they purchased a molecular lab to test the samples for the virus on site. They opened a COVID unit by adding glass doors to make isolation rooms. To date, COVID patients are being treated at Riceland Medical Center.

  An IOP Behavioral Health Department has been established at the hospital. Many of the geriatric patients from area nursing homes utilize the hospital. The annual drive thru flu shots program is very popular and makes it easy for everyone to get their annual flu shots.

  The administration of Riceland Healthcare System treated the employees and their families to a crawfish boil last Saturday in celebration of its 10 years last Saturday. They wanted to express their appreciation to everyone who contributes to providing quality healthcare services.

  Congratulations to Riceland Healthcare System!


Anthony Stramecki – VP of the WSHD; Suggie Daigle- Assistant Administrator;
Robert Jacobs – Senior VP, Administrator; Edward Murrell – President, WSHD;
and Mo Danishmund, CFO, Riceland Healthcar

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