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Protecting Our Children from Biden


Fellow Texan,

Last week, I sent an email to taxpayer-funded lobbying group Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) demanding answers on how they plan to follow Governor Abbott’s order to ignore Joe Biden’s harmful Title IX rewrite that would force schools to treat boys as if they were girls. 

TASB has relied on liberal woke ACLU legal guidance that includes supporting policies of allowing boys in girls restrooms and locker rooms to advise school districts. TASB has a history of taking positions that advance a woke liberal ideology, and they even lobbied against the bill to ban boys from being allowed in girls bathrooms and locker rooms.

Biden’s illegal rewrite of Title IX destroys protections for women in education and athletics. In Texas, we will not let this stand. Governor Abbott recently issued a directive to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), telling them to ignore Biden’s illegal rewrite of Title IX. When I asked TASB whether they intend to stand with Governor Abbott to protect our kids or with Biden to endanger them, they responded that they would wait for courts to weigh in! They don’t think it’s an urgent priority to protect our kids now or follow Governor Abbott’s order.

Not only that, TASB made it clear they are not going to assist ISDs, like Tyler ISD, that are not following the illegal Title IX rewrite. That’s a strong message to other ISDs that disagree with Biden’s agenda that they won’t be getting the legal services they supposedly paid for.

Next session, we will ban taxpayer-funded lobbying and ensure accountability for associations like TASB that use your tax money to push Joe Biden’s woke agenda on our kids.


God Bless Texas,

Mayes Middleton, Texas Senator, District 11


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