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By Pastor Sammy Little, First Baptist Church of Stowell

There is an old hymn that most who grew up in church will know: “Blessed Assurance”. It was written by Fanny J. Crosby who was blind, but who wrote over 8000 hymns and gospel songs. She had a difficult life but stayed true to Jesus her entire life. One of the things that she struggled with was assurance of salvation which is being confident in Jesus saving you, being a real Christian, and being welcomed into heaven when we die. What if she had done it wrong or had lost it somehow? She struggled with it for years but finally came to a place of confidence in that Jesus promised to save all who believe on Him and His works. Then she wrote “Blessed Assurance”. Knowing the story and the fact that she truly had assurance makes the song come alive. She believes it and rejoices in it. I feel I sang it early on just saying the words and even doubting if anyone could truly know they were saved, but since I know of her struggle and victory, the song is changed for me. We need to know we have a savior in Jesus.

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