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A Political Hit Job


Dr. Brian Babin, U.S. Representative, District 36

Reacting to Trump’s Trial Verdict

Every American knows this trial was rigged from the start.

Donald Trump is being politically persecuted, and it CANNOT stand!

Biden and the Democrats have weaponized the government and are destroying our nation and everything we hold dear.

Our future is on the line – Americans can no longer stand by silently on the sideline while Joe Biden turns our nation into a banana republic. This is blatant election interference – in every sense of the term.

God help us.

The Supreme Court Rules in Favor of NRA in Key First Amendment Case

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that NY officials violated the First Amendment by forcing insurance/banking companies to no longer do business with the NRA.

This is a big win for free speech and a stark reminder to leftists attempting to punish companies with opposing views.

U.S. Forced to Halt Gaza Aid Deliveries After the Biden Administration’s “Floating Pier” Starts to Sink

Biden spent $320 million of your tax dollars constructing a floating dock to transport aid into Gaza just for it to be destroyed by the weather in a week.

Oh, and the Palestinians still haven’t received the aid. I wonder who has it?

Surely not Hamas terrorists…

Congratulating Colonel Bif French

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to drop by the 147th Attack Wing earlier last week to pay my respects to its leadership before yesterday’s Assumption of Command Ceremony.

Congratulations again to Col. Bif French on being named the 41st Wing Commander of this historic unit!

I had a great visit with him, Deputy Wing Commander Col. Kelly Bean, Command Chief CMSgt. Bennie Bellvin, and Deputy Adjutant General-Air Brig. Gen. Andrew Camacho.

A New Low

You know you’ve sunk to a new low when the Ayatollah commends your actions.

If any American is so ignorant to believe the “right side of history” is standing with an evil tyrant of a nation that’s the world’s lead sponsor of terrorism… they’re no true American.

The Biden Effect

It’s no coincidence that CBP has lost nearly a quarter of its workforce since Biden took office.

This president opened the border that agents are tasked with protecting, then tied their hands and made them watch our national security unravel.

Visiting Venus Aerospace

On Friday, Senator Ted Cruz and I visited Venus Aerospace to celebrate the passage of the 2024 FAA Reauthorization.

Venus is a cutting-edge company laser-focused on engineering the future of hypersonic flight – a critical capability that will keep America in the driver’s seat on many fronts.

I’m incredibly proud of the work Venus is doing and honored to represent such a company in TX-36!

Major University Leaders Admit They Haven’t Suspended Disruptive Pro-Palestinian Protesters

Liberal universities are afraid to enforce their own policies. 

Students supporting terrorists, threatening Jewish students, and disrupting classes must be held accountable.

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