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Little Thoughts July 3, 2024


By Pastor Sammy Little, First Baptist Church of Stowell

Matthew 16 finds the Pharisees and Sadducees seeking a sign from heaven that would prove that Jesus was the true messiah. He had done many healings and miracles but they wanted more. He refused, not because He could not but because He knew they had already made their decision, rejecting Him. They wanted to act as if they were serious seekers and just needed a bit more. Many people today are confronted with the truth of Jesus and have enough to decide, but they also want more. Amaze them, excite them, answer tough questions, and promise them blessings and no doubts. But Christians are called to walk by faith, not sight. I am not saying that God doesn’t have answers to all questions and that we never get any proof, but know that we are called to follow Christ. He is Lord. We won’t know all the future details we’d like. He does and we can trust Him. We know enough. We will be held accountable for knowing Jesus is Lord at the end of our lives. We can’t escape that. Accept Him today.

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