Letter to the Editor re: Chambers County Commissioners Court


Dear Editor

I am writing to express my frustration with Chambers County Commissioners Court. This is a frustration that I feel is shared by many of our residents. In the past year there have been several issues that we, the people, have expressed our wishes and desires for our county and the commissioners absolutely do not listen. On one occasion Commissioner Gore was the lone voice of the people. The issues go back to our Commissioners Court voting to raise our taxes in order to fund such things as taxpayer funded lobbying, From there we expressed our voice in the issue of the Certificates of Obligation for millions of dollars for the ball fields.  We want the ball fields, but the matter of Certificates of Obligation should be a voter decision, not a decision by five elected officials. We argued that we did not want to combine the Constable precincts, thus defunding law enforcement that works for us. But illogically the matter passed, and our Constable budget was moved to the Sheriff’s Department, neither saving us money nor providing the law enforcement where we need it, when we need it. Time and again we have shown with drawings and specifications that we are not getting the ball fields we want and time and again the court does not listen. What must we do to be heard?

Our plans for the ball fields, which included parking and concession stands were met with a tight-lipped “thank you” and never addressed again. We created a lengthy list of problems with the Anahuac ballfields, including the fact that we do not use bull pens, but we need batting cages, and we need at least two softball fields. The list was forwarded to the architect and again ignored. We are not ignorant backwoods people who do not understand basic finance, engineering, and administration matters. Again, I ask – What must we do to be heard?


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