Two New Faces on Chambers Health Board

Commentary by Gloria Way

Last Saturday, May 4th, the voters in Anahuac came out in record numbers to vote for three members for the Chambers County Public Health District #1 (Chambers Health) board of directors. Six candidates were on the ballot, three of the six were incumbents.
The three incumbents had to make difficult decisions over the last two years. The District was dealing with out-of-control CEOs and CFOs who made promises they could not keep. Several district employees, for reasons known only to them, embraced the CEOs and their efforts to transform Chambers Health. Out of their efforts came rumors, gossip, and outright lies. In a small community, this type of discord can bring the downfall of an organization. The former board made a brilliant decision to hire Anne Newton as its CEO. Newton brings 30+years of experience of healthcare administration within Chambers Health. Everyone was pleased with the choice.
In spite of dealing with unscrupulous CEOs and CFOs, the board which consisted of Mike Emmons (president), Andy Legg (vice president), Linda Tinnerman, (secretary), and Geraldine Brown and Leslie Turner, managed to come together as a team and overcome the obstacles facing the district. Tempers flared and remarks may have seemed harsh, but the board was able to do its work. Tough decisions had to be made. As a result, the hospital is financially stable and no services suffered through the inner turmoil. The hospital and its clinics continue to maintain a high standard of service and care.
But in a small town, false innuendos and gossip are hard to counter. This election cycle seemed to “call for a change”. Three citizens, Eric Humphrey, Annette Abernathy, and Gil Bouillon stood up to run for a seat on the board in addition to the three incumbents (Brown, Emmons, and Turner). Two of the three incumbents who had to make the tough decisions and face the abuse from radical CEOs, and a handful of hostile employees who had their own agenda, were defeated.
Eric Humphrey and Annette Abernathy came in first and second place with incumbent Leslie Turner coming in third place for the win. Geraldine Brown, Mike Emmons, and Gil Boullion placed fourth, fifth, and sixth.
Humphrey and Abernathy are both highly regarded and respected members of the Anahuac community who have proven themselves to be leaders. We welcome them to the Board of Directors of Chambers Health. With the appointment of Newton as CEO, and the resignation of a couple of employees, the path forward for Chambers Health should be smooth and without controversy. We want to thank Geraldine Brown and Mike Emmons for their service on the Board and standing up for what’s right, and not taking the easy way out.
The Chambers Health Board of Directors are Andy Legg, Linda Tinnerman, Leslie Turner, Eric Humphrey, and Annette Abernathy.

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