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By Pastor Sammy Little, First Baptist Church of Stowell

  I attended the Southern Baptist Convention this week where decisions are made about which direction we want things to go. There are generally 2 paths to choose between: the conservative or strict bible way and the gentler compromise path. The problem with either path is that it is usually not the last word on the issue. If you go the strict path it generally leads to stricter actions and if we go the compromise path we generally compromise more on other things. We are just choosing which way we head in the future. It is wise to stop and take a view of where our decision is taking us. In Hebrews 12:29 it says our God is a consuming fire. That means that in the end everything is going to go His way, that He always wins. We can choose today which way we will go but in the end we can not ignore God or His way. We often get bored with God as the world seems to have the corner on fun, but please be patient. God is not finished. The other shoe has not dropped but it will. So where do you want to end up in the end? With God or without God? Our decisions today play into this. Today is when we choose or reject God. Look out into the future. Where do you want to be? Are you on the road to there? Choose God now.

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