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Chambers Health (Anahuac) seems to be following in the same footsteps as Trinity Bay Conservation District when it comes to electing board members and dealing with a controversial former CEO. The current board, which consists of five members, have had enormous roadblocks to overcome while dealing with unscrupulous CEOs and CFOs the last several years. About 18 months ago, the Chambers Health board voted to rehire a former CEO who had been dismissed in 2012. The tenure lasted a little over a year with the CEO being accused of employee harassment, etc. I wrote an article titled The Toxic Chambers Health Administration Culture …“If I Had a Gun, I’d Shoot You Right Now…” (2/16/24). As a result of several third-party investigations, Chambers Health chose to part ways with this CEO in early March 2024.

It wasn’t an unanimous decision just like when TBCD dismissed its General Manager two years ago, and just like TBCD, it’s election time with three seats being up and the three seats up for reelection are currently occupied by three of the four board members who voted to fire the CEO. Unlike the TBCD election where no one voiced their opinion to me one way or the other on the dismissal of the GM, people within the Anahuac community did reach out to me in support of the firing of the Chambers Health CEO. But now, apparently, according to the people who have contacted me, the fired CEO wants his job back, and some of his supporters have recruited persons to run for the board positions to obviously unseat the three incumbents with the unwritten (unspoken) intention of rehiring back the CEO. So now, six people are running for the three seats … the three incumbents are seeking to be reelected and three new persons. Now, the Chambers County Public Health District #1 has a very contentious and nasty race for the three positions on the Board of Directors … just like TBCD.

The Chambers Health board members’ race is garnering a lot of attention in both Anahuac and Winnie-Stowell. And, I know the people of Anahuac will make an informed decision on who will represent them on the taxpayer funded hospital district Board of Directors. The healthcare services provided by Chambers Health are needed for the growing community.
The six candidates running are Geraldine Brown, Leslie Turner, Mike Emmons, Gil Bouillon, Annette Abernathy, and Eric Humphrey. Early voting begins April 22 with the regular election being held on Saturday, May 4th.
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