WSHD Renews Healthcare Agreement with ECISD

By Gloria Roemer

  Scott Campbell, ECISD superintendent, addressed the Directors of the Winnie-Stowell Hospital District last Wednesday to thank them for their continued support of providing $180,000.00 on a partnership between WSHD and ECISD to provide vital services for the children of our community. Accident insurance is purchased for the 1,530 students at ECISD.  This covers students involved in school extracurricular activities.  The funds also provide numerous screening services of students. A school-community guidance center may be designed to locate and assist children with problems that interfere with their education, including juvenile offenders and children with severe behavioral problems or character disorders.  Services provided by nurses are funded by WSHD.

In other business, the Board said that three persons have applied to fill the Board vacancy left by Raul Espinoza when he resigned earlier this year. Lacey Parker Self, Kacey Vratis, and Joe Booze asked to be considered.  The WSHD personnel committee will meet with the three candidates and make a recommendation to the Board who will vote for the replacement in executive session at its October 2020 meeting.

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