W-S Lions Host District Meeting, Win Award

The East Chambers new Innovative Studies building was the location for a large  gathering of Lions Club members from all over East Texas on Saturday. 70 top Lions  Club officials from as far away as Carthage, near Marshall, and Nacogdoches, and  from all over SE Texas, were in Winnie for their District 2-S1 Cabinet Meeting.

“It was quite an honor for us to have the opportunity to host this meeting that brought  in all the top officials from the East Texas district of the Lions Club.” Said Bill Keating,  President of the WS club. “I knew from the first time I heard about hosting that I hoped  to be able to use the new Innovative Studies Building at East Chambers. We had very  many compliments on the facility. It is an extremely nice, versatile and impressive  building. And we appreciated the assistance of some of the district personnel in  helping us prepare for the meeting.”

The Lions kicked off the weekend meeting with a Friday night dinner at Tia Juanita’s  that was attended by about 30 participants.

In addition to hosting the meeting, that was the first of the Lions year, the Winnie Stowell Lions Club was awarded the District 2-S1 Lions Club of the Year Award. There  are 46 clubs in the district.

“We’re proud of the award and we think it reflects the fact that we have been active in  reaching out to the community in many ways with service opportunities, fundraisers,  community socials and whatever else we can come up with.” Keating added. “We  invite anyone interested in joining us in the Lions Club to talk to any Lions Club  member or call me at 409-296-4005.”

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