To Cut or not to Cut Razor Wire …Texas Must Defend Itself

Commentary by Max Roemer

As the border crisis along our Southern border engulfs into flames, the Biden administration has desperately attempted to circumvent Texas State’s Rights and the US Constitution. Also, there has been a Supreme Court decision of 5-4 on whether the federal government can remove the Texas placed razor wire at Shelby Park in El Paso, Texas. Shelby Park runs along the Rio Grande River and has been a primary place of entry for thousands of illegal immigrants to cross into Texas. The Biden Administration has requested Texas to allow the federal government access to Shelby Park and use it as a port of entry for illegal immigrants. Border Patrol was processing over 3,000 migrants per day at the park. This effectively made Shelby Park an unofficial and illegal port of entry. Since Texas has installed razor wire in this area, they now are processing zero illegals per day. It is self-evident that the razor wire wall installed by the Texas National Guard is working and that they save lives as a deterrent from people to enter Texas there.
Razor wire has long been used along the United States and Texas border to stop illegal aliens from crossing over. In May 2021, Texas governor Greg Abbott expanded the use of razor wire when he ordered a disaster declaration on the border, which allowed the state to install the fencing on private property near the Rio Grande River. The Biden administration responded by ordering the Customs and Border Protection agents to cut down the razor wire. In October, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton sued the Biden administration over the removal of this razor wire by the Customs and Border Protection agents.
After going back and forth through the courts, the Supreme Court ruled last Monday in a 5-4 decision siding with the Biden Administration. The Court said that the federal government can cut the razor wire and remove it. Your President is telling you that he wants complete and total unhindered access for illegal immigrants into our country. The President has openly and clearly declared by his actions alone that he values illegal immigrants’ health, safety, and wellbeing over citizens of this country and citizens of Texas. Governor Abbott and AG Ken Paxton reject the Supreme Court’s decision and will continue to protect its own borders because, ironically, the Supreme Court also stated that Texas has the right to defend itself.
Texas is not alone in this fight. Republicans have flocked to Abbott’s defense. Twenty-five other state governors have pledged to aid and assist Texas in protecting our southern border. Many states are sending National Guard troops to offer assistance in patrolling the border. Governor Youngkin of Virginia and Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas sent troops from their National Guard forces. Each of the other 25 Republican governors signed a joint statement siding with Texas and its “constitutional right to self-defense.”
How does the Biden administration plan to help? They will approve border funds only if the bill includes funding for Ukraine. Therefore, if you want to help Americans you must help foreign nations and their wars. It’s dirty politics but expect nothing less from “the big guy”. There are bills, draft of bills, etc. floating around Congress, but under the encouragement of former President Donald Trump, Republicans will likely kill the bills. Trump is well known for his success in securing the border. As a Texan, I love my state. We all love Texas. Continuing support for Abbott and support for our men and women serving at the border is a sure-fire way to attempt to get the immigration disease into remission.

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