Tax Assessor-Collector Denise Hutter to Retire

Served County for 12 Years

By Gloria Roemer

Item #1.3 on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, Chambers County Commissioners Court agenda states “Discuss and consider the appointment to fill the vacancy of the Chambers County Tax Assessor Collector (January 31, 2023)”. In an exclusive interview with The Seabreeze Beacon, Chambers County Tax Assessor-Collector Denise Hutter confirmed that she will be retiring from her position as tax assessor-collector effective January 31, 2023. “I have served as tax assessor-collector for 12 years,” said Hutter. “Have served in the tax office for 26 years. I am ready to retire. When I told Jimmy (County Judge Jimmy Sylvia) that I would be retiring, I told him that my choice for my replacement is my chief deputy, Regina Castillo. Regina is already certified to be tax assessor by the Texas Association of Tax Assessors-Collectors. She is trained, certified, and ready to step into the job.” Hutter added, “I feel it is my duty to ask Commissioners Court to appoint the best person out there for the job. This is about the people who put me in this office and put their trust in me in this office to recommend the most qualified person for the position.”
An interesting point of having this item on this week’s agenda is the fact that Hutter has not officially resigned. “When I spoke with Jimmy, I told him I would be sending in my official letter of resignation, but, I have not done that yet,” she continued. “So, my concern is if this agenda item is a little premature, even legal. I did not ask for it to be on the agenda yet. I am concerned about who put it on the agenda without an official letter of resignation.”
Rachal Hisler, contributing writer for The Seabreeze Beacon, spoke with Pct. 1 Commissioner Jimmy Gore. She asked who was being considered to replace Hutter. Gore told Hisler that “applications would be taken to determine the best applicants”.
Commissioners Court will also reappoint David Murrell, Troy Dow, and Chris Barrow as commissioners for Chambers County Emergency Services District #1. It is for two year terms starting January 1, 2023. The other two commissioners are Brad Crone and Ken Thibodeaux.
There has has been concern about who will maintain the new baseball fields the County has built in Anahuac, and to be built in Winnie and Mont Belvieu. Item #6.1 states “discuss and consider using Greenscapes Six for maintenance on 12 baseball fields in the amount of $198, 400.00”.

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