Talk Therapy with Physio Physical Therapy & Wellness

For over 25 years PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness has focused on the physical needs of their patients. Brett Balcerak, Physical Therapist and PHYSIO Founder and CEO, saw patients struggling emotionally due to illness, disability, or coping with life’s physical changes. He wanted to address both their physical and emotional well-being, and believed patients would benefit from behavioral health counseling. PHYSIO now offers TALK THERAPY, which provides patients with a safe and empathic environment allowing the patient and the counselor to work together to explore areas of concern, identify realistic goals and provide effective coping strategies.

Carolyn Durham, MS, LPC, LBSW, has joined the PHYSIO team. She is a licensed professional counselor with over 15 years of experience. She completed her graduate work and counseling license through the University of Houston, Clear Lake; having received her bachelor’s degree and social work license from Texas A & M University. Primary areas of focus include stress management, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, illness, disability, grief and coping with life changes. TALK THERAPY is offered through telehealth, phone and in person. For more information about Talk Therapy or to make an appointment, contact PHYSIO at 281.424.7557.

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