Standing With Texas

Dr. Brian Babin, U.S.
Representative, District 36

Standing With Texas
The Biden administration has granted suspected terrorists, cartels, human smugglers, drug traffickers, and more free access to America.
Texas has been on the frontlines fighting this deliberate negligence since day one, and I will continue to support my state.

Biden Halts Key
Natural Gas Projects
Biden continues to cripple our oil and gas industry, jeopardizing our national security.
Every policy that weakens our energy sector strengthens adversaries like Russia and China. This recklessness must end.

America Should Withdraw From the WHO
President Trump was right to withdraw us from the World Health Organization (WHO).
American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund such a woke, corrupt, and anti-science organization.

Texas Has the
Constitutional Right to Defend Itself
Biden and his administration are decimating our national security, and Texas will not stand idly by.
The Lone Star State has the constitutional right to defend itself against the invasion taking place at the southern border.

Americans Deserve the Truth
The sham J6 Committee deleted 117 encrypted files days before Republicans took over the House majority.
What were they trying to hide?
Americans deserve to know.

The Biden Administration Is Failing to Track
Chinese Ownership of U.S. Farmland
Communist China should never be allowed to buy U.S. farmland.
The fact that Beijing and other foreign nations can do this is a national security threat and should be treated as such.

Urging the DOJ to Drop Its Lawsuit Against Texas
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing Texas for enforcing the very immigration laws it refuses to.
Our state will not ignore the fact that the safety of Texans/Americans is at stake.
I’m calling for the DOJ to forgo its lawsuit and let Texas continue working to protect our sovereignty.

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