Senator Creighton Statement on the Texas Monument Protection Act

Creighton, Texas State Senator, District 4 AUSTIN, TEXAS On Tuesday, May 7th, Senator Brandon Creighton advanced Senate Bill 1663, the Texas Monument Protection Act, creating a framework and adding protections for the altering, moving or renaming of historic monuments across the state. ” There are people and events throughout our state’s rich history that deserve to be celebrated, and there are also people and events that should be condemned, but either way, as Texans, we should not hide from our history. My bill today, SB 1663, establishes a framework for the removal of historical monuments throughout the state, so historical markers are not permanently removed or destroyed in haste. I appreciate all of my Senate colleagues for their input and collaboration on this bill. While it is an emotional issue, I truly believe that all of our history, the good and the bad, are worthy of study and education.” Senate Bill 1663: – Protects the Alamo Cenotaph in perpetuity. – Creates a process for the removal, relocation, and altering of Texas’ statues, portraits, plaques, seals, symbols, building names, street names, park names, and cenotaphs. – Monuments less than 25 years old may be altered as they currently are. – Monuments older than 25 years old can only by altered by 2/3rds legislative approval. – Local monuments are protected and can be altered by formal action by the governing board if it is less than 25 years old. A super majority of the governing board is required if the monument is older than 25 years. – Creates a bi-partisan committee to study the artwork in the Senate Chamber.

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