Proposed Growth for Chambers County

1,600 New Home Proposals in 2023

By Gloria Roemer

   As Chambers County residents, we are all aware of the continued population growth within the County. Industry growth as well as former neighboring Harris County residents seeking homesteads with land, people are viewing Chambers County as a “really nice place” to live. The City of Mont Belvieu is growing quickly as expected with the new industry bringing more jobs to the area. On the city’s website, it is stated that Mont Belvieu has an average of 200 new housing units per year. So much of the growth is now on the east side of the Trinity River. Anahuac approved a $47 million bond referendum to build new schools and facilities to accommodate its growing student population. And East Chambers ISD passed a couple of bond referendums to expand and improve its educational and sports facilities in anticipation of growth as well. I asked Samantha Humphrey, Chambers County Director of Economic Development and Grant Management, to provide information on proposed residential and retail developments that are likely to come to fruition in 2023. They are:

  • Blue Wing Crossing which is south of the Chambers County Golf Court and across the street from Cypress Point is a proposed 546 lot subdivision.
  • Turtle Bayou Subdivision, which is south of Turtle Bayou on East FM 563, has a proposed 627 lots.
  • Lakes of Anahuac, which is FM 565, between FM 563 and 562, is a proposed 314 lot subdivision.
  • Riverview, which is north of I-10 pm west side of SH 61, has proposed 90 lots.
  • Proposed 40 to 50 home subdivision off Dugat Road is in very early stages.
  • Proposed mobile home park off FM1406.
  • RV Park at Albritton Gully Road, and a
  • Proposed subdivision off Buccaneer.


Proposed retail projects that have begun the Development Review process with the County are:

  • Common Cents Credit Union new facility.
  • RV Park at 1040 Chace Road.
  • Winnie Stowell Hospital District Project on SH 124.
  • Wallisville Travel Center
  • Metal Recycling at 24818 I-10
  • Therapeutic Massage 1038 SH 73, and
  • Coffee Shop at 14940 FM 1663.

These projects are just proposed and are in early stages of planning. As the County grows, the County needs to prepare itself for a demand on county services such as law enforcement, emergency medical and fire responses, road and bridge projects, as well as amenities such as libraries and parks.

Growth does not need to be feared. Chambers County has been named as one of the “richest” counties in the state which should incentivize local government to meet the needs of its people. County government needs to study, prioritize, plan, and prepare for the growth, because Chambers County really is a nice place to work, live, and play.

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