Little Thoughts

By Pastor Sammy Little,
First Baptist Church of Stowell
The community event for Todd East was wonderful. My favorite part was seeing all the people who now live away who made the effort to come back. One was Ted Williams. He was a football coach here years ago and we became friends the year before he moved to Crockett. He shared that he is involved in jail ministry and enjoys it. Me too, and I told him that of all the guys that I have met in jail, many have promised to contact me after they were released, but only one has (and that may be a good thing!). He said the same was true for him. One guy decided to stay in Crockett and had a pop up tent camper he planned to live in. Ted tried to keep up with him and when it got cold he was concerned about the guy. So he calls him, offering to get him a motel room till the cold front passes. The guy agreed but said he had adopted a dog and would need a place for him. Here is this guy, about 55, fighting alcoholism, has a record, no good job or money. He is struggling, about to go under, and he takes on the responsibility of a dog. He really was in no shape to handle one. Now understand, I like dogs, if you can feed yourself and can pay your bills. This guy was trying to do God and ended up doing dog. Be careful as you go through life. Seemingly good things, small, cute, nice can push you over the edge. Suddenly you can’t do what you should because you decided to add more to your full plate. Little things can sink you. I pray the man makes it. Chances are he won’t, but Ted is nice to try to help him as he cares for the man’s dog that Ted doesn’t really want or need, but is now caring for.

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