Little Thoughts

By Pastor Sammy Little,
First Baptist Church of Stowell
1 Samuel 8 has the story of Israel demanding a king to rule over them like all the other nations. Samuel doesn’t want to grant their request but God says to let them have what they want. It’s strange because God says that it’s not Samuel that the people are rejecting but God, which sounds like it is something they shouldn’t do, but really it can be OK. Many times in life there are things we desire that we believe would bless us, and God allows us to get it, but it turns out to be a bad thing because we let it come between us and God. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as we keep God number one, but we trust the OK thing to give us life, joy, and relationships, and things can not do that. I think of all the people that I know that buy boats. There is not necessarily anything sinful about owning a boat, so it’s OK, but most people do not have room in their lives or budget for such a possession, and soon they start to miss church and deprive their family of their presence, so something that there is nothing sinful with becomes a sin. Israel had God to lead them, protect them, and guide them, but that only worked when they put God first and obeyed Him. A king couldn’t do the job as well as God did, but the people thought it might allow them to back off of following God, so they now have God to follow and a king too. They still were responsible to God. Trust God and keep your life simple. God is your need.

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