Little Thoughts

Jesus told His disciples that “He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders, chief priests, & scribes, be killed and be raised the 3rd day”(Matthew 16:21). Peter responded “No! This will never happen to you!” & Jesus called him Satan & said he was an offense or a trap to Him. Why the extreme response? It’s because Peter was seeking to push Jesus away from His salvation. Jesus’s salvation. You might say Jesus was never lost so He couldn’t be saved but He would have been lost if He had not gone to the cross, not done the will of the Father but His own flesh’s will. He would not have paid for the sins of the world, defeated death and provided salvation for all who believe on Him. All of that and more. You can say it could never have happened, didn’t even come close, but Jesus wanted nothing to do with Peter’s error. He came to die, and die He would. Let us follow Jesus by agreeing that we will deny ourselves & obey the Father.

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