East Chambers Swim Team Just Keeps Swimming

Photo by Nohelani Reddell
East Chambers Buccaneers Swim Team
L to R: Matthew Reddell (Junior), Brandt Meaux (Junior), Hayden LeVeck (Freshman), Mallory Kahla (Junior), Celia Valenzuela Ranz (Sophomore), Garrett Reves (Junior), and Reid Todd (Freshman)

By Sharisa Nelson

The East Chambers Buccaneers Swim Team participated in their first ever District Meet on Saturday, January 21st. Several of the swimmers have advanced to the Regional Swim Meet. Below are the results of the District Swim Meet. Competitors placing 1st-4th advance to the regional swim meet.

Medley Relay: 1st Place – Reid Todd, Brandt Meaux, Hayden LeVeck, Matthew Reddell

200 Freestyle: 1st place – Hayden LeVeck

50 Freestyle: 5th place – Celia Valenzuela

50 Freestyle: 1st place – Reid Todd and 7th place – Garrett Reves

100 Butterfly: 1st place – Brandt Meaux

100 Freestyle: 5th place – Celia Valenzuela and 8th place – Mallory Kahla

100 Freestyle: 2nd place – Hayden LeVeck and 4th place – Matthew Reddell

500 Freestyle: 1st place – Brandt Meaux

200 Freestyle Relay: 1st place – Reid Todd, Garrett Reves, Hayden LeVeck, Brandt Meaux

100 Backstroke: 2nd place – Reid Todd

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