Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, before opening presents and other festivities, I read aloud the biblical account of the birth of Jesus, either Matthew 2 or Luke 2. I will admit that it generally does not feel as if it fits the moment. It can seem sort of forced and uncomfortable, but shouldn’t we push the truth forward and demand that Christ be not ignored? In Luke we find that Jesus was laid in a manger/feed trough “because there was no room in the inn”. A pregnant women needs a place to get out of the weather, a little privacy to deliver in, some basic comforts, yet there was no room found for them. Obviously many were traveling and busy and desiring there own basic comforts. They took up all the room. Watch out or there will no room for Jesus in our Christmas or lives. We mean no slight or insult, it’s just that we are tired and busy and need all the room we can get. Verse 19 tells us that “Mary treasured up all these things” in order not to miss any of the wonderful thing that was happening. We ought to do the same: treasure, seek out, mull the truth over and dig in deeply in order that we too can make room for the most important thing, Jesus. Merry Christmas!

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