Chambers Health in State of Flux?

By Gloria Way

Chambers Health (Chambers County Public Health District #1) was seemingly on the road to recovery after the disastrous administration of former CEO William Kiefer and CFO Jay Hodges. Apparently neither Kiefer nor Hodges understood the importance of reconciling the numerous bank accounts of the District and did not do so for almost two years. An interim CFO was hired and fired. Changes were made in the accounting department and another CFO was hired, and then “parted ways” before the year’s end. It is unclear who is dealing with the day-to-day financial operations of the District.
After its regular board meeting held last Thursday, it is clear that not all things are well with the District. On its agenda, item #11 read: “Discuss and take action on, if necessary, Grievance”. Personnel issues are always discussed in executive session and item #11 was no exception. But it was not difficult to determine the subject of this grievance. Board President Mike Emmons yielded the role of board president to member Andy Legg for this particular meeting, and when the Board went into executive session to discuss the grievance, Emmons and CEO Bob Pascasio did not participate in the executive session. What led to the grievance being filed is not known but whatever it is, ill will between the Board President and CEO is not a good thing.
The Board also went into executive session to discuss item #9: “Discuss Consider and Take Action on, if necessary, Design-Build Projects”. Chambers Health has signed a lease agreement to lease the space that was formerly Trinity Church which was next to Market Basket in Winnie. It is safe to assume that Chambers Health is planning to put in a new clinic. I asked Pascasio a few weeks ago if Chambers Health was putting in a new clinic in Winnie and he responded, “Chambers Health is always looking for new opportunities to medically serve the population.”

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