Chambers County GOP Leadership for 2022-2024

By Gloria Roemer

Newly elected Chambers County Republican Chairman Austin Tice held the party’s organizational meeting last Tuesday evening, July 12, 2022. The precinct chairmen were sworn in, and the new officers of the party were elected. The precinct chairmen are Pct.1 – Susan Leblanc, Pct. 2 – Wendy Copeland, Pct 3 – Loretta Emmons, Pct.4 – Calyn Copeland Wesson, Pct. 5 – Jackey Lasater, Pct. 6-Lauren Van Deventer, Pct. 7 – Jeffrey Jenkins, Pct. 8 – Tracie Fisher, Pct. 9 – George Hisler. Pct. 10 – Dottie Macejewski, Pct. 11 – Ginger Stoerner, Pct. 12 – Bobby Way, Pct. 14 – Tanner Dickens. Pct. 15 – Kelly Riggs, Pct. 16 – Jami Navarre, Pct. 17 – Christian Johnson, and Pct. 18 – Danny Campbell. Officers were also clccted. They are Gloria Roemer – Vice Chairman, Danielle Blair – Secretary, and Rachal Hisler – Treasurer. Tice also created five standing committees. They are the welcoming committee, social media committee, rules/bylaws committee, fundraising committee, and event planning Committee. The Chambers County GOP will meet bimonthly. Visit www.chamberscounty op for more information as well as the Chambers County GOP FaceBook page. Everyone is encouraged to join and become involved in the CC GOP.

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