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Biden’s Recklessness Continues


How Non-Citizens Are Getting Voter Registration Forms Across the U.S.

“Welfare offices and other agencies in 49 U.S. states are providing voter registration forms to migrants without requiring proof of citizenship…”

We cannot allow leftist policies to erode Americans’ most sacred right.

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Demanding the Biden Administration’s Plan for Keeping $404 Million Gaza Aid From Hamas

If this administration is fixed on handing millions of taxpayer dollars to Palestinians, Americans deserve to know their plan to keep that money from going straight to Hamas.

I’m working to ensure we’re not funding terrorists.

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An Open Invitation

Illegals from 177 countries have unlawfully crossed the southern border into the U.S.

America is the ONLY nation allowing this open-border lunacy.

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Biden’s Economic Plan

“A growing number of retired Americans are considering returning to work…”

Biden’s economic plan: force Americans – who spent their entire lives working – out of retirement, then claim them as “new jobs” to bolster his phony jobs report.

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Tossing Fairness Out the Window

The Left has no issue tossing fairness out the window by allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports.

Yet, when a sports company actually defends female athletes, it’s banned from advertising?

What a hypocritical joke.

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Another Reckless Decision

“The United States will suspend the planned export of hundreds of air defense munitions to its allies and partners and redirect them to Ukraine…”

One more unwise and reckless decision unilaterally made by this administration.

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Business Is Booming for Mexican Cartels

The human smuggling business is thriving under Joe Biden.

Mexican cartels are now offering $15,000 VIP travel packages to sneak illegals into the U.S.

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The Costs of Summer in Biden’s America

Americans are paying absurd prices no matter if they’re traveling over the summer or staying home.

It’s nearly impossible to save money under Biden’s crumbling economy.

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