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Americans Deserve to Know


Dr. Brian Babin, U.S. Representative, District 36

Americans Deserve to Know
DHS allowed a suspected terrorist to roam freely for over a year after the illegal was released upon entering the U.S. by unlawfully crossing the southern border.

Was he transported to his city of choice on the taxpayer’s dime?

Americans deserve to know.

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Iran Is a Volatile Nation
Iran is a volatile nation that repeatedly proves to the world it’s the enemy of good.

Biden has failed to keep this terror-propagating country in a tight economic chokehold the way Trump did.

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Fourth of July Prices Under Biden
Americans paid record-high prices this Fourth of July – all thanks to Bidenomics.

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The House Judiciary Committee Sues AG Garland for Hur, Biden Audio
Special Counsel Hur opted not to pursue charges against Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents because he was an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

Republicans requested that AG Garland hand over the audio recordings of Hur/Biden’s interview – Garland refused.

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A Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Ban on New LNG Exports
Biden’s reckless ban on LNG hurts our economic and national security and empowers our adversaries.

A federal court’s decision to block this damaging and shortsighted policy move is necessary for the safety of our country and its allies.

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Venezuelan Gang Members in NYC
The NYPD is warning residents of the growing presence of Venezuelan gang members in the Big Apple.

How do you think they got here?

If you guessed Biden’s open borders – you’re correct.

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